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We manufacture wooden gates to virtually any size with three different ranges:

Standard Gates- These are our most cost-effective gates constructed using sawn timber with a simple 'butt-joint' framework.

Heavy Duty Closeboard Gates- These are our mid-range gates constructed from a much sturdier 47x100mm framework with 'half-lap' joints & thick apex capping.

'Morticed Interlock' Gates- These are our highest quality gates made from high specification joinery grade timber, kiln-dried, planed & ‘Tanalised’ treated.   They have mortice & tenon joints, 75x100mm framework & metal pins to give extra support.


sweeping arch mortced interlock
oval trellis gate
morticed interlock arched top
morticed interlock gate
morticed interlock (rear)
vertilap gate
heavy duty vertilap gate
picket gate
morticed picket gate
mortice picket gate
convexed palisade gate
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